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DonJoy IceMan Cryotherapy Unit

The DonJoy IceMan is our premier cold therapy (i.e., cryotherapy) unit. It is a motorized unit that will continuously circulate cold water through its pad to cool your extremity to provide pain relief and swelling reduction. This is a medical-grade item and is frequently prescribed by orthopedic surgeons. We've tested and used its main competitor, the Breg PolarCare, and prefer this unit because of its design and ease of use.

The features of the DonJoy IceMan Cryotherapy Unit include

  • Two position locking top
  • Water-tight seal
  • Inlet temperature control monitoring
  • Semi-closed loop system

We provide this unit with a FREE universal wrap-on non-sterile pad with extended hose! This pad is designed to fit many extremities and we've selected the extended hose to allow you easier placement of the ice unit so that you do not feel too tethered by it. The advantages of using a non-sterile pad is that you can easily place it on your extremity (e.g., shoulder, knee) without the use of messy tapes. The pad has velcro straps which help to hold it in place. As the pad is universal, you can use it for multiple joints (if you get injured somewhere else in the future), as opposed to a joint-specific pad. If you prefer a sterile pad (that would be placed at the time of surgery), please contact us.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is also known as cold therapy. This is the treatment of pain and/or inflammation by lowering the temperature of the skin over the affected area. It is probably the oldest form of pain control! In addition, it can significantly improve swelling after an injury or surgery.

What is so special about the IceMan?

The IceMan, made by DonJoy, is designed to maintain a constant cool temperature over the joint or extremity where you are having pain. You are able to set the temperature and the device will maintain it constantly by continuously recirculating the icewater flowing to the pad.

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler! Simply fill the cooler up with ice, and then top it off with water. Apply the included pad to wherever you are experiencing pain (it has velcro straps keep the pad in place and conform it to your body). Then simply plug it in, and set the temperature to whatever feels comfortable. You will feel the results immediately!

Which joints is it best used for?

With the included multi-purpose pad, the IceMan is suitable for the following areas:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Thigh

  • Leg/calf
  • Forearm
  • Elbow


For which problems has this device been used?

The IceMan is used by physicians for treatment of all kinds of joint pain and swelling. It has applications in many disorders including acute injury (trauma, dislocation), chronic problems (tendonitis, bursitis), and after surgery to help control swelling and pain.

What is the advantage of this cryotherapy unit over others on the market?

Quite simply, we have tested all the available cold therapy units and found this one to be the best! It maintains a constant temperature. It is quiet. The pad is useful for multiple joints as opposed to many competitor's pads which are only useful for one joint. The quality of the mechanical parts are unsurpassed. Finally, it is made by DonJoy, one of the world's foremost sports medicine product manufacturers.

Why not just use an icebag?

Well, that certainly is an option. However ice bags are messy. They need to be refrozen constantly. They have the capacity to cause skin burns if not used properly. When you are in serious pain, you want one solution, that will provide you consistent relief of your pain, without all the mess and fuss of icebags!

What are the differences between the Iceman and other cryotherapy units on the market?

Other units used by medical professionals include the Cryocuff units and Breg Polarcare units. The Cryocuff is not a pump controlled unit - you fill a reservoir with ice-water and then the fluid flows into the pad by gravity. Yes, that means you need to leave the cryocuff cooler ABOVE the joint you're trying to cool - which can be extremely inconvenient. Breg makes two models of the Polarcare - the 300 and 500 (they also make our Polarcare Cub). The 500 is similar in function to the Iceman. However, it's cost is usually much more. We are distributors for both Cryocuff and Breg, however we have chosen to offer the Iceman because we simply cannot find a reason to recommend either over the Iceman.

What are the differences between this device and the others you sell?

  • The Durakold unit requires refrigeration between uses. With the Iceman, you simply add ice and water - there is no need for placing the unit in the freezer.
  • The PolarCub unit requires you to occasionally squeeze a hand bulb to recirculate the cold water through the pad. The Iceman does this electrically so that you do not have to.
  • Although the above units have their advantages (Durakold: low price; PolarCub: useful when you are not near an electrical outlet, eg. at sporting events), the Iceman is simply the top-of-the-line cryotherapy unit available on the market today.

    Effective cryotherapy for pain relief.
    Multi-joint pad for application to several different joints
    Suitable for sprains/strains
    Suitable for after surgery
    Requires refrigeration
    Hand-bulb action
    Ice-water circulation cryotherapy
    Continuous unassisted (electric motor) cryotherapy
    Requires electricity
    Temperature control






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